Volkshof Kindred

Who We Are

Volkshof Kindred is a Heathen organization located in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. We honor the divinities of our Teutonic ancestors and celebrate their ways and traditions. Blot and sumbel are held on a monthly basis and we place a high value on community building.

Volkshof is a German word meaning peoples’ temple. Asatru meaning Æsir Troth (troth to the gods), is the name of the reconstructionist religion based on lore and traditions of the German, Dutch, English, Scandinavian and other Teutonic peoples.

Heathen (Hæðen in Old English) literally meaning people of the heath. We believe it proper and right to honor the gods and practice the ways of our ancestors, learn other Germanic languages, study the runes, and grow our community.

If you have additional questions or just want to get to know us better please reach out to volkshofkindredpr@gmail.com.

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